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2020 Alton Road: Prime “Green” in Colorful Miami Beach

The super green home-to-be at 2020 Alton Road rises nearly 32' from the ground. With a redesigned property wall and lush landscaping to come, this home site is certain to inspire major curb lust!

At 2020 Alton Road, a home on track to be Miami Beach's first LEED Platinum residence is steadfastly taking shape. Much progress has been made since our last post, and general contractor Robert Arkin, a partner with Florida Green Home Design Group (FGHDG), confirms that the five-bedroom, five-bathroom eco-luxury residence is on schedule for completion this spring. As of February 1st, the project was tracking 108 LEED points. The entire concrete footprint has already been poured; metal furring defines the interior floor plan; and the supply and return air-distribution ductwork, which ensures a constant flow of fresh air throughout the house, is in place. Next up is electrical work and the installation of Icynene spray foam insulation, geothermal units, and mold-resistant drywall.

The following photos best illustrate what is and what's to come at 2020 Alton Road.

The front entrance (left) will feature wide shallow steps that will appear to float above a reflecting pond. At the back entrance, through the 2-car garage (right), a slightly recessed area is reserved for a non-slip mat that will aid in staving off dirt and other contaminants.

A bank of double-insulated low-emissivity sliding glass doors along the living/family area will open to a deck, pool, spa, and outdoor cooking facility. The pool water will be clean enough to drink thanks to a copper/silver ion purification system. All plumbing lines are in place and soon to be hidden by low maintenance looks-like-wood decking.

The kitchen-designed with two sinks, two dishwashers, and an island with a built-in food steamer-caters to those who eat healthy, entertain often, and/or keep kosher. Poggenpohl cabinetry and energy-efficient appliances are also in the plan. The space beyond the kitchen includes a modest bedroom as well as a bath-cum-shower that is accessible from the outside of the house.

(left) General contractor Robert Arkin and developer Matt Lahn, two partners of the Florida Green Home Design Group, survey the construction from the second-floor master bedroom terrace. This ample balcony affords great views of the surrounding neighborhood and (right) will have a spiral staircase leading to the roof deck.

Details are already allotted. On the wall of an upstairs bathroom, a niche for holding toiletries has been framed out, and Toto's WaterSense bath fixtures will be installed.

The roof is divided into two areas-one for mechanics and one for people. Mechanics include frameless solar panels, two wind turbines that can be lowered in case of super-strong hurricane force winds, and a solar light tube that works off of the sun's radiation and refracts light throughout the second-floor hall. The pitch of the roof slopes just enough to direct rainwater toward two drains that feed into the cistern down below.

All of the waste material from the job site is either reused at other sites or recycled. Southern Waste Systems sorts and recycles the trash and gives regular reports back to the FGHDG. Every little bit of environmental responsibility helps 2020 Alton accrue LEED points and meet its very high standards.

Realtor Tara West, another FGHDG partner, is handling the sale of the home and enjoys the property's “wow” factor. State-of-the-art design, quality workmanship, and sustainable materials and amenities from high-end forward-thinking manufacturers are to blame! And even with its heart-of-Miami Beach location, West says “This house is as quiet as a bunker.” The asking price is a bit above $2 million.

2020 Alton Road: Setting Sights on Greenest Home in America