How to cook halloween / christmas mash with micho

Formalities first: Big hello to all my friends here on SG. Been busy caring for Nikki who is due to deliver pups next week, playing with Siti the Macaque monkey and a bit of horse riding lol.

A completely colourful nutty potato mash to surprise your guests, proudly brought to you by walaoehtv's cook with Micho. Aren't we early for Christmas? Indeed!!

Start with 120 grams of dried or fresh cranberries, 120 grams of apricots, 120 grams of party mix salted nuts.

5 Potatoes, 1 large sweet potato,, 2 onions, 75 grams of butter. If you can't find sweet potato use 1/2 a pumpkin.

See that lemongrass stick? Well forget it lol. I changed my mind and didn't use it. But isn't it pretty?

Chop the apricots into chunky pieces.

Chop chop chop and set aside in a bowl for later use.

Lots of chopping with this recipe. Knife chop the mixed nuts. No machines used here. Chunky nuts are so hot right now! Lol.

Chop up 150 grams of Parmesan cheese. We want chunks not grated cheese. See that big knife, use it ;)

Just when you thought I was going to say chop, we'll slice instead. Slice one large capsicum (red bell pepper) and put it aside. Decorations in red are sexy! Just ask my Mother!

Now your herbs and spices are totally your choice but we used 1 tablespoon of dried basil and 1 tablespoon of cracked pepper. Not enough?

Throw in a handful of white peppercorns into your boiling potatoes. So let's boil all the potatoes until they're so soft and easy to mash.

Do your potatoes look like this?

And this? Great, it's time to mash!! Add the raw garlic and onion. No need to fry the garlic and onion.

Get 300 ml of fresh cream and 75 grams of butter.

Add 1/2 of the butter and half of the cream to the sweet potato. Mash mash mash.

Do the same to the white potatoes. 1/2 the butter and half the cream. Mash Mash Mash!!

If you like you can add a tablespoon of chicken, beef or vegetable stock powder and mash.

Add some red food colouring to the sweet potato and mash again. Having fun? We loved this part. If you're scared to use food colour, add a few beetroots while boiling your sweet potatoes.

To the white potatoes add some green food colour. I'm not sure what to substitute the green food colour here. Any suggestions greatly appreciated :)

So we got potato Christmas colours already? Lovely. The next part is totally optional. You can either layer the potato direct into bowls with cheese and nuts in between or bake as follows.

Layer 1 colour of potato into your baking dish, followed by Parmesan cheese chunks and mixed nuts. And you know how much I love layers :)

Add red potato mash the capsicum, cheese and nuts and again another layer.

Add more green and finish it off with more nuts and cheese. Decorate!!! Do your magic any way you like.

Take a capsicum decorating class or just do straight lines. It's all up to you.

See my lovely decorating skills. If all else fails ask your Mum. Mine wasn't here to help me so this is all I got so far lol. Put it in the oven for 40 minutes on 200 degrees and let the colours shine

Let it cool for 15 minutes and spoon it into the biggest wine glass you got. Surprise!!! Just when the guests expected a dessert!! We showed them!! Use the dried apricots and cranberries to garnish.

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