How to caramelize figs

Figs and sugar. Herbs, garlic and butter are optional.

High heat

You want to choose figs that are not too soft but still juicy.

Bubbles will start to appear.

Lower the heat if you think it's browning too fast

They should be done

Flip to check the color

You can take them out like this

Or put the heat back on to follow the optional route


Let them cook for a one minute or so. The heat should be on minimum by now.

Pass it throw kitchen paper to absorb the excess fat

Grab a piece of bread


Toasted almonds, goat cheese, fresh fig and arugula.

Grill pan on

Drizzle some olive oil. Don't be cheap.

Slice the fresh fig in pieces. Snack a little bit.

Check your toast

Take it out when it's just like how you want it. You can scrub a little bit of raw garlic if you want to.

Crumble the cheese on top

Caramelized and fresh figs

Season your lettuce with salt and olive oil.

Add lettuce.

You can chop chop some almonds or just grate it like cheese.

Season with some balsamic vinegar.

Salt and pepper. Go for it.


Have fun.

If you liked it a lot you can always make another one.

Pair it with some wine.

Thank you for watching.

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