How to make risotto al tartufo bianco

In case you out of power, eat some half made cassoulet, sofrito, with some pita chips.

When you get power back, stop by a fancy store.

Buy some good quality rice. This is Carnaroli Rice. You can also use Arborio. High starch. Check Wikipedia for more information.

Walk to places that you never walk before.

Buy some secret ingredient at this store. They are in season. You can always buy them online.

Walk back.

No bueno.


First thing, get a pot of water on the stove. Or chicken stock if you have any. Make sure it's seasoned with salt. Let it boil.

Brown butter.

Heavy Cream

Whip it. You need about one or two tablespoons.



Chop it

Add to the pot

Some olive oil or even butter.

Garlic is optional

Chop it if you decide to use it.

Sweat your onions until they turn translucent. It's ok to taste this.

Beautiful rice already.

Add to the pot. Use your judgement about the amount.

It will start to get translucent.

Add a little bit of white wine. Make sure the stove/fire it's on high.

Let the rice absorb all the vino. The water should be boiling at this point.

Add a ladle of water/stock.

Let it absorb.

A little more. Keep stirring.

A little more liquid. Repeat the process a couple of times. This process, hot stock plus stir, will release the starch from the rice. Making it creamy.

You can check if the rice it's cooked. A good opportunity to meet al-dente.

Secret ingredient. Make sure it's clean of dirt. If you have enough you can even chop some of it and add it to the rice. Like the scramble egg thing.

Just in case you wonder what's in the red pot.

Add brown butter to the bottom of the bowl.

Make enough for two.

There you go.

Risotto al Tartufo Bianco

It's almost winter. You need extra coating.

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