How to cook a fast, delicious weekend breakfast

Start cooking your sausages according to package directions. I used honey & brown sugar flavor this time. The family may have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Open up your biscuits! This morning, I used some Pilsbury Butter Flavor Grands that were on sale - any old biscuits will do!

Roll them out to about 1/2 inch thickness.

Yum! Now the sausages are done! Place on some paper towels to drain & cool off for a minute or two. Leave the pan on, we're about to make gravy!

You need about two tablespoons of fat to start gravy - I didn't have that much from the sausages, so I added a tablespoon of butter to the hot pan.

Now SLOWLY add a couple tbsp of milk. If you've never done this before, be careful - it may steam up quickly! Use your whisk to scrape the bits off the bottom of the pan.

Now, the flour - to avoid lumps, I put mine in asieve and lightly tap the side against my hand, sifting a tiny amt into the pan at once - and KEEP WHISKING!! I alternate milk & flour until gone.

Turn your heat to medium, whisking frequently until thickened. My gravy isn't ever exact - I keep extra milk & flour handy to add as needed, until I get the consistency I want. Salt & pepper to taste.

While your gravy is simmering, place one sausage on each flattened biscuit. Here's the fun part: sausages are usually 14 in a pack; biscuits, 8 in a tin. So freeze half your sausage, or buy two tins.

Roll up, burrito style. Place on a cookie sheet & bake at 350* for 18 minutes.

Mmm thick delicious gravy.

Serve to your salivating family. Or just yourself. I won't judge.

So. Freaking. Good. Dip them in that fabulous gravy you made. Or skip the gravy & drizzle syrup over them. Or be a purist & just eat them naked. The food, I meant. The other is a personal choice.

Gratuitous Extra Gravy Shot. No reason. It's just ... Gravy!! Yum!

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