How to cook tuna & bows

These are the supplies I use. I cook for 3-4 people so I used 1.5 boxes of pasta and 3 packets of tuna

Turn the burner on high

Start to boil water in a large pot (lid and some salt makes it boil faster)

As the water is heating up, choose the tuna you'd like to use. Starkist is my favorite

Get a VERY large bowl to place the tuna in

Use a fork to flake the tuna apart like so

Drip some lemon juice over the tuna (not too much!) and sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning on top

Mix the tuna around so that the juice and seasoning is evenly distributed

The water should be hot now. When it reaches a boil add the pasta. Remember to stir or it will stick to the bottom!

When the pasta is cooked to your liking, drain the water. My dad likes using this fancy locking lid, a colander will do just as well

Turn the burner off

Rinse the pasta to remove the starch and cool the noodles

Drain again. Note: if your using a colander, just rinse the noodles under running water

Place about half of the bows on top of the tuna in your large bowl

Scoop a good amount of mayonnaise onto the pasta

Mix the mayo, bows and tuna together

Add the rest of the bows on top. You want more bows than tuna preferably

Add more mayonnaise. This keeps the dish from being too dry. You hardly taste it!

Mix until the tuna and mayo are evenly distributed. The tuna likes to clump together so make sure you break it apart

Add a pinch of salt and/or celery salt on top

Mix it all up ONE more time!


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